Permanent zipper lips services at By-selintimagur salon in Istanbul

Get Naturally Defined Lips with Permanent Zipper Lips
Permanent zipper lips, also called lip blushing or lip tattooing, enhances the shape and color of lips through meticulous semi-permanent makeup techniques.

At Byselintimagur in Istanbul, our experienced permanent makeup artists are experts at using microblading tools to give clients fuller, more symmetrical lips with delicate, customizable color.

Unlike overt lip injections, properly performed permanent lip blush appears subtle and natural. The results define lips and diminish signs of aging for up to 2 years before a touch up is needed.

Benefits of Permanent Zipper Lips:

Plumps Lips with Natural-Looking Color
Using ultra-fine needles, we deposit lip-toned pigments that gently plump up lips with a flush of natural, complementing color. The microblading strokes create a pretty ombre effect.

Reshapes, Defines and Symmetrizes We can correct asymmetry and uneven lips by strategically enhancing color and fullness in certain areas. The shape can also be redefined into more flattering proportions for your face.

Minimizes Fine Lines and Faded Color As we age, lips lose vibrancy and vertical lines form. Lip blushing disguises these aging signs by filling lines and adding fresh, lively color.

Custom Designed Just for You Through in-depth consultation, we’ll design the optimal hue and shape to enhance your natural lip characteristics. From soft rose to warm nudes, the color flatters you.

Semi-Permanent Longevity The pigment will gradually fade over 1-2 years. Periodic touch up visits will keep your lips defined. Compared to injections, blushing is lower maintenance.

Advanced Techniques for Comfort We use topical anesthetics to maximize comfort during the procedure. Gentle microblading techniques create beautiful lips with minimal side effects.

FAQs About Permanent Zipper Lips:
How long is the healing time? Lips feel tender for 2-3 days before improving quickly. Optimal results are seen after 4 weeks.
What is the process like? We shape and numb the lips, then deposit strokes of pigment. A follow up may refine shape and color after 4-6 weeks.

Does it really last 2 years? Yes, periodic touch ups every 12-18 months refresh the blushing for extended longevity. Individual results vary. Does it hurt? With numbing cream, most clients report mild scratching or tingling but no significant pain. Very tolerable.

How do you match the right color?
Through thorough skin tone analysis, we expertly blend custom colors to complement your natural lip shade.

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