Hairline Microblading for the Look of Fuller Hair

Restore the Look of a Fuller Hairline with Microblading
For those experiencing thinning hair or receding hairlines, innovative hairline microblading offers a semi-permanent solution to recreate the look of a lush, natural hairline again. At By-selintimagur in Istanbul, our talented permanent makeup artists use customized microblading techniques to conceal hair loss and simulate fuller, healthier looking hair.
What is Hairline Microblading?
Hairline microblading deposits pigment along the hairline to replicate tiny hair follicles. Using a handheld tool with fine needle tips, our technicians create thousands of hairlike strokes and dots that mimic your natural hair texture and density. The results blend in seamlessly for the appearance of a full, flawless hairline again.
Benefits of Hairline Microblading
Recreates a Natural-Looking Hairline
With meticulous technique, we strategically etch pigment along the hairline and temples to achieve a naturally full border again. The microblading strokes are so fine that they integrate seamlessly with your existing hair. No more harsh, obvious boundaries.
Conceals Thinning Edges and Receding Spots
Hairline microblading is an excellent solution for filling in widening parts or thinning edges around the face that can age your appearance. The hair mimicry pigment conceals these declining areas for better framing of features.
Provides the Look of Fuller, Denser Hair
In addition to the hairline, microblading can also create the appearance of thicker hair overall. Dot work and stroke patterns customized to your specific type of hair loss helps hair look abundantly fuller.
Personalized Design and Placement
We assess your unique hairline, face shape, and hair type to strategically map out the optimal hair simulation pattern. No unnatural looking “pluggy” dots. Just the perfect placement of strokes tailored to you.
Long Lasting Results
The microbladed hair pigment will gradually soften and fade over 1-3 years. Periodic touch up sessions will keep the hairline looking freshly filled. The results last far longer than daily sprays or powders.
The Hairline Microblading Procedure
Initial Consultation
We meet first to evaluate your hair loss challenges and facial features. Together we decide on the most strategic placement and pattern to achieve natural looking density.
Ink Selection
Pigments are custom blended to match your natural hair color. Warm brown tones for darker hair, soft brunettes for medium brown hair, dark blonde shades for light brown.
Numbing and Design
On treatment day we apply a topical anesthetic to maximize comfort. Your artist maps out the exact hairline shape with a white pencil for your review and approval.
Microblading Application
Using a handheld tool, the artist deposits thousands of hair dots and tiny strokes along the hairline in the mapped out pattern. A second pass perfects density.
Initially the area looks more striking before fading over 7-14 days. Gentle cleansing and ointment application aids the healing process. Avoid sun, sweating, and facials.
Follow Up Session
After 4-6 weeks, a follow up appointment refreshes the pigment for optimal longevity. The hairline shape can be adjusted if needed.
Results last 1-3 years. Avoiding sun exposure, chemical treatments, and heat styling help prolong the hair mimicry effects. Schedule annual touch ups. Microblading Aftercare
– Cleanse gently twice a day with mild soap. Avoid rubbing.
– Apply ointment like Aquaphor 1-2 times daily.
– Avoid sun, sweating, swimming for 2-4 weeks.
– Do not scratch or pick at scabs. Let them shed naturally.
– Refrain from hair removal treatments along the hairline. – Avoid heat styling tools near the treated area.
FAQs About Hairline Microblading
How long does the procedure take?
Plan for up to 2 hours for the initial session and 1 hour for the follow up one month later.
Does it hurt?
We use a numbing cream to maximize comfort. Most clients report tolerable tingling during the treatment.
When will I see the results?
Optimal results emerge after 4 weeks once swelling and scabs are gone. Pigment looks natural.
What is the downtime?
Social events can be resumed after 5-7 days when scabbing has diminished. Exercise and sun should be limited for 2-4 weeks.
Can you match my hair color?
Yes, we are experts at custom blending pigments to match your natural hair tones seamlessly.
Will it damage hair follicles?
The microblading only reaches the upper dermis, so it will not penetrate or sever hair follicles underneath. Regrowth continues as normal.
How can I prolong results?
Avoid direct sun exposure, chemical processing, and heat tools near the treated area. Use gentle hair products.
Does it work for all stages of hair loss?
Microblading is suitable for early to moderate stages of hairline recession and thinning edges. Those with advanced loss still benefit by framing the face.
Is touch up needed?
Yes, annual touch ups refresh the pigment so the hair simulation remains convincingly full.
Reclaim the frame of a youthful hairline. Contact By-selintimagur today to schedule your hairline microblading consultation!

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