Microblading for Flawless Brows at By-selintimagur

Microblading for Flawless Brows at By-selintimagur

Microblading has become one of the most popular semi-permanent makeup techniques for achieving perfectly shaped and defined eyebrows.
At By-selintimagur in Istanbul, our experienced permanent makeup artists specialize in meticulous microblading services that give clients naturally full, symmetrical brows that enhance their facial features.

What is Microblading?
Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique in which ultra-fine needles deposit pigment into the superficial layers of skin along the brow line. The artist creates hair-like strokes that mimic real eyebrow hairs in texture, shape and color.
The results look extremely natural, as if individual hairs have been hand-drawn onto the skin.

Microblading differs from traditional permanent eyebrow tattoos in that it creates a much softer, feathered look. The strokes look more like real hairs and there is no solid, filled in appearance.

Benefits of Microblading

Hyper-Realistic, Hairlike Strokes Our artists are masters at using microblading needles to deposit pigment into the skin in tiny hairlines and delicate dots. When healed, these strokes blend seamlessly with your real brows for a hyper-realistic effect.
Unlike blocky brow tattoos, microblading has a delicate, natural dimension.
Perfectly Shaped and Symmetrical Arches With carefully mapped measurements and an artistic eye for balance, our technicians will shape your arches to achieve ideal brow symmetry.

Microblading allows for customized design to complement your facial features, bone structure and hairstyle. The results fram and flatter the eyes and whole face.
Customized Color We blend pigments to achieve a customized hue that matches each client’s natural brow color. For those with sparse brows,

we can match hair color to create defined arches. Those with full brows get enhancement with natural-looking dimension. Our extensive color selection means no unnatural-looking brows.

Minimally Invasive Unlike traditional tattoos that go deep into the dermis, microblading only penetrates the top layers of skin. This means there is very little pain or discomfort during the procedure when a numbing cream is used.
Healing and recovery time is also minimal compared to deeper body tattoos. There is little downtime after microblading.

Long-Lasting Results The results of microblading can last upwards of 1-3 years depending on skin type. Periodic touch up visits at 6-12 months refresh the pigment and sustain the flawless look. Compared to daily drawing on brows with makeup, microblading offers far more convenience and longevity.

The Microblading Procedure at By-selintimagur

Initial Consultation: The first step is to meet with your technician for a consultation. They will assess your facial features, existing brow shape, skin tone and desired results. We will help you select the optimal shape, thickness and color. Clients should come with clean brows so we can see the base shape.

Numbing and Mapping: On treatment day, we will apply a topical anesthetic to numb the brow area and make you comfortable. Once fully numb, your artist will use white pencil to map the shape of the brows and simulate the hair strokes. Your approval on the design is essential before proceeding.
Microblading Application: Using a handheld tool with ultra-fine needle blades, your technician will begin depositing pigment into the skin with gentle, featherlight strokes. It feels like light scratching. Some pressure may be applied to ensure the pigment penetrates correctly.
The application usually takes 2-3 hours to complete both brows.
Healing Process Immediately after, brows will appear slightly bolder and sharper compared to the finished result. There is some redness, swelling and scabbing as the microbladed area heals over the first 7-14 days.

Gentle cleansing and ointment application during this process are essential. Avoid swimming or sweating.
Follow Up Session After 4-6 weeks, you will return for a follow up visit to refresh the pigment and fine tune the shape.

The second session ensures perfect results.
Results Last 1-3 Years The pigment will gradually fade over time but remains for a period of 1-3 years before a touch up is recommended. Results vary based on skin type, sun exposure and other factors. Maintain brows by avoiding abrasive facial treatments that can cause premature fading.

Microblading Aftercare Proper aftercare is essential for quick healing and lasting results. Here are our main aftercare guidelines:

Keep brows clean by gently rinsing with water and mild soap. Lightly pat dry.
Apply a thin layer of ointment like Aquaphor twice daily for 7-14 days.
Do NOT get brows wet or sweaty for 10-14 days after.
Avoid sun, tanning beds, facials, peels, swimming etc for 4 weeks.
Do not scratch or pick at scabs as they naturally fall off.
Avoid makeup on brows for 2 weeks to allow full healing

Contact us today to schedule your microblading consultation and get a step closer to your dream brows!

Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading

How long does the procedure take? The first microblading session usually takes 2-3 hours, and the follow up touch up takes 1-2 hours about a month later.

Does microblading hurt? We take every step to maximize comfort. Topical numbing cream is applied beforehand so most clients report little to no pain, mainly just mild scratching or tingling sensations during the treatment.

When will I see the final results? Brows look sharper and darker immediately after the initial session. Once healed after about 4 weeks, the color softens to a more natural hue. The follow up session perfects the results.

How long does microblading last? On average, results last 1-3 years. Skin type, sun exposure and age impact longevity. Periodic touch ups every 6-12 months will maintain the fresh look. Pigment fades gracefully over time.

Can you microblade eyebrows that are already tattooed? Yes, we can carefully re-draw existing brow tattoos using soft microblading techniques to create a softer, feathered look.

Is there much downtime? The first 24 hours see the most swelling, reddening and tenderness. Within a week brows can be concealed with makeup. Most clients feel comfortable resuming normal routines after about 10 days.

Strenuous exercise and sun should be avoided for 4 weeks.
Does microblading work for all skin types? Microblading can work for all skin types when performed correctly. The ideal candidates have healthy skin that is not too oily or too dry. Pores must be clear and intact to get the best ink retention. People prone to keloids or very thin skin should avoid this procedure.

Does it look natural? In the hands of a skilled technician, microblading results look extremely natural, like you simply have well-defined brows. The delicate strokes blend in seamlessly when healed. No solid or blocked in look.

How can I prepare for my treatment? Show up to your appointment with clean skin free of makeup, lotions or oils on the brows. Avoid blood thinners for a week before. Eat a meal beforehand to stabilize blood sugar.

What if I don’t like my brows after? The pigment does lighten up to 30% once healed. If you are still unhappy with the shape or color, we can schedule additional sessions to adjust the results until you are fully satisfied.

Discover why microblading is one of the most popular semi-permanent makeup services. Contact By-selintimagur in Istanbul today to schedule your consultation!

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